Tax planning (estate taxes and duties)

Residence; estate planning; pay the right tax

French tax residency, the myth of the 183 days The dangers of assessing French tax residency by solely considering whether an individual is spending more than 183 days in France. Contrary to a popular belief, the French tax authorities and French tax courts do not...

Tax residency in Germany – an Unpleasant Surprise!

Germany is an attractive place to live in the center of Europe and the EU. It is safe, relaxed and highly developed. Its political system is stable and reliable, while its powerful economy is the largest in Europe. Known for its long and rich cultural history, Germany...

Protecting and spread the wealth in an optimum manner within the framework of legal regulations

Showing ways and solutions to the High Net Worth Individuals to protect and optimise their assets. Wealthy people – the so called High Net Worth Individuals – keeping their property on a foreign account are currently under a general suspicion of tax evasion. The case...

Real Estate Investments – USA Family Trust

Real Estate Investments   Structure your real estate investments to preserve your assets on a tax-effective basis. If you are acquiring a vacation home in the U.S.A., you can avoid common pitfalls and take full advantage of opportunities by using appropriate...

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