Emigration and immigration

What tax matters are important when emigrating?

When you take up residence in another country, have you obtained advice on tax matters both on departure and on any risks of having continuing connections with your former residence? While it is possible with proper planning to minimize tax on expatriation to another...

Residence; estate planning; pay the right tax

Residence; estate planning; pay the right tax French tax residency, the myth of the 183 days The dangers of assessing French tax residency by solely considering whether an individual is spending more than 183 days in France.Contrary to a popular belief, the French tax...

Tax residency in Germany – an Unpleasant Surprise!

Tax residency in Germany An Unpleasant Surprise! Germany is an attractive place to live in the center of Europe and the EU. It is safe, relaxed and highly developed. Its political system is stable and reliable, while its powerful economy is the largest in Europe....

Can I Create A Trust Under Swiss Law?

Can I Create A Trust Under Swiss Law? Switzerland does not have a law relating to trusts. However, it ratified the Hague Convention regarding trusts and agreed therefore to recognise trusts that are created in accordance to the convention. Switzerland, as a civil law...

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