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Immigration of persons with no gainful activity in Switzerland

Is immigration to Switzerland still attractive to persons with no gainful activity in Switzerland? Switzerland is an attractive country granting substantial tax benefits to immigrating foreigners. The advantages of Switzerland include: (1) Residence permit granted to EU-citizens without major problems, (2) Purchase of real property possible, (3) Low tax rates in certain cantons, (4) Lump-sum taxation, (5) No inheritance tax for spouses and children in most cantons. If a person thinks about leaving his home country permanently and taking up...

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succession in switzerland

What benefits does mediation offer in family disputes?

Mediation sessions can be held in a choice or combination of different settings: The traditional set-up consists of individual meetings over several weeks. In the case of one-day mediation sessions the participants begin in the morning and work in an open-ended fashion; the mediation finishes in the evening, whether or not a solution has been reached. In shuttle mediation sessions the participants are in separate rooms, at least for some of the time, and the mediator moves between them. The participants can always have their lawyers or...

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